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Disable Comment Box on Facebook Like Button

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Having a website is cool, having a social website is better :) SEO is not the only way to drive traffic to your website anymore, you need a social presence to get more people coming on your site. If are looking for an easy way to make your website social you can use services like AddThis, with a small line of javascript, your users will be able to share your website on main social networks.

That’s super easy but you might be the kind of person who likes to manage everything and want to code your own stuff.

Implementing a like button is also super simple go on this page http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/

And get the code you need to implement to have a nice-looking Like button :)

Recently Facebook add a comment functionality but you may want to disable it. Add these few lines of CSS and the comment box won’t show up :

  position: absolute;

.fb_edge_widget_with_comment span.fb_edge_comment_widget iframe.fb_ltr {
  display: none !important;

Now you have old-style like button without a comment box :) Have fun “hacking” Facebook :)